Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
A Guide to Fortnite x TMNT Quests

Fans of Fortnite, get ready to play! Epic Games has released a collection of missions which are titled “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT): Coming to the Island.” These tasks are designed to prepare you for the fight. I’m not sure if you have a preference for turtles or if you’re just curious about them. We are aware of how to complete all of their objectives so that you can earn that tasty experience point. The time has come to begin venturing on quests while riding turtles!

You need to talk to April O’Neil for the first TMNT quest.

April O’Neil, the brave reporter from the TMNT world, is the first person you meet on your trip. How do you get to her? The plan shows that the Rescue Station is where she should go. Just talk to April to find out more. The first quest is now over! Because you worked so hard, you should get 10,000 XP. Shell-ebrate on!

The second TMNT quest is to learn how to sneak into sewer openings without being seen.

Now it’s time to show how sneaky you are in the basements, which are where the TMNT kids like to hide. Find a sewer entrance with the TMNT name on it. When you’re in the underground world, you’re golden! To finish this quest, you only need to go to a drain once. You should go to Pleasant Piazza for this sneaky journey.

Find your way around the Underground HQ (TMNT Quest 3)

The TMNT wouldn’t be the same without their secret base, and so does Fortnite. The Underground HQ can be found by following the signs that point southeast from Pleasant Piazza. See those familiar train tracks, a subway stop that’s not used, and a nice bed? You’re in the right spot. When you get to the stage and get some loot, your quest is over. Plenty of XP is dropping SLOT GACOR TERBARU like pie ingredients!

Fourth quest: Get some pizza boxes.

The pizza trip is the last part. The TMNT characters love pizza, so they’ve left pizza boxes all over the Underground HQ area. How do you do it? Find these three cheesy things and get them all. Keep an eye on your mini-map for the “!” sign. It will lead you to stacks of bright pizza boxes. You’re done with the last TMNT job! To get them, just press the button that goes with them.

Get ready for strong turtles!

It only takes twenty minutes to finish all of the TMNT tasks. Now you’re ready for the February 9 TMNT show! You’re happy that you took on the turtle spirit and have earned XP. Your favorite heroes who live in sewers are about to go on some really scary action and epic adventures. Start up the turtle power!

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