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Rhine Gorge: waltzing Along A Musical Cruise with Aussies

Picture this: a lazy cruise up the mighty Rhine Gorge River, surrounded by legends and tales. That was me, chilling on the deck, engrossed in a book filled with stories about the 765-mile-long river.

Legends in the Rhine Gorge

Rhine Gorge: waltzing Along A Musical Cruise with Aussies

As our boat entered the breathtaking Rhine Gorge, with its fairytale castles (yes, 24 of them!), I delved into the story of Lorelei. She was a gorgeous maiden who turned into a mermaid after drowning in the name of love. Legend has it that her enchanting songs lead boatmen to a watery end. But wait! Was that Lorelei’s haunting melody in the air? Nah, it was just a gang of lively Australian ladies belting out tunes in the bar below.

Cruisin’ Down the Rhine Gorge

We were in the middle of a week-long journey on the Travelmarvel Diamond river cruiser, owned by the Aussie APT Travel Group. Our adventure began in Amsterdam and would wrap up on the River Main in Nuremberg.

Wine Tasting and Singing Aussies

Fast forward to day four, and we docked at Rudesheim, right in the heart of the Rheingau wine region. We sipped on its famous Riesling, and thanks to that, the sound of “Waltzing Matilda” echoed through the ship, courtesy of those spirited Australian women.

High Above the Vineyards

I took a chairlift ride soaring over the vineyards to catch a glimpse of the Niederwald Monument. This 1870s structure commemorates Germany’s first unification, offering breathtaking views. Down below, Rudesheim buzzing with tourists, and its Christmas shops jam-packed all year round.

History in the Ruins

While watching freight trains speed through Rudesheim, I spotted turrets at the tunnel mouths. These were strategic structures built during World War II to confuse Allied bombers and protect heritage sites. Speaking of history, Cologne, despite 90% of its center being wiped out, still boasts an intact gothic cathedral.

Rhine Gorge A Surprise in Bamberg

Bamberg, a hilly town, turned out to be a gem. It’s one of Germany’s best-preserved medieval centers, with Michaelsberg Abbey and Altenburg castle dominating the skyline. Fun fact: aircraft designer Willy Messerschmitt saved the town from becoming a Nazi fortress.

Learning the Lingo in Germany

I never thought of Germany as a vacation spot before, but its castles, countryside, rivers, and wine won me over. Plus, everyone speaks English, making it a breeze to get around. And if you’re a fan of Lederhosen, you’re in paradise!

From Breweries to Brexit

One of my highlights was the trip to Bamberg, with its nine breweries for beer enthusiasts. I might have tested my limits with six breweries. And let’s not forget the interesting encounters during meals. Also I’m pretty sure a couple asked to change seats when they found out I voted for Brexit.

Chilling in Nuremberg

The cruise wrapped up in Nuremberg, where we explored the remains of the auditorium where Hitler once addressed his followers in the Thirties. It was a chilling yet fascinating experience.

The Joys of River Cruising

This was my second river cruise, and I love the idea of a floating home for a week. No suitcase shuffling, just waking up in a new place each day. Bonus: I now know the lyrics to “Waltzing Matilda,” thanks to those spirited Aussie ladies.

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